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 Meet our founder...

    From just an early age Hunter loved the game of baseball. He started playing when he was four years old and has never looked back. When other kids his age was playing video games, Hunter was watching baseball highlights on online. Although he only hit one out of the park homerun, that didn't stop him from having a dream of creating an apparel line for those that do. The idea of Dingers Only Apparel Co. came to him in the seventh grade while sitting in reading class. He and a classmate started talking about how cool it would be to start their own line of baseball themed clothing and eventually they came up with the name Dingers Only. Hunter was eager to tell his dad about his idea and months later when he was still talking about it, his dad knew there was only one thing left to do. The Christmas of 2019,  Hunter's dad made his dream a reality and presented Hunter with his first few pieces of Dingers Only apparel. He uploaded some pictures to his social media and people loved it. Within a week, they already had over a hundred shirt orders. It was a hit!! They quickly sprang into action to create the business aspect of the company in January of 2020. Not knowing that in just a few months, the entire world would come to a halt because of a global pandemic. That didn't stop them and in June of that year, they set up a tent at a local travel ball tournament in their hometown of Boiling Springs, SC with just a few hats and a rack of shirts.  

Hunter at his first tournament June 20, 2020

 Fast forward just a few years later and you can still find Hunter doing what he loves. Although he has about given up on hitting dingers, he has become quite the pitcher and had a remarkable freshman season. When he's not on the field you can usually find him set up at a tournament selling Dingers Only. We continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers and have added more items such as arm sleeves, bat grip, sunglasses, bucket hats, and more to come. We have also partnered with Diamond Prospects, who offers the best coverage of high school baseball in South Carolina, to recognize the best players in the state with end of the year awards and weekly Player of the Week recognition starting in 2023. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Hunter and Dingers Only!! If you would like to know more about Hunter's story or partner with Dingers Only, feel free to reach out to us at office@dingersonly.com.

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